Thursday, February 19, 2015

Post Title... please!

Yup. We bought it without a title, but surely we can get an Oregon title. I mean, really... how hard could it be? 

Here's how the story goes:
In 1999 the man we bought it from was in Arizona filming an Airstream documentary. He got bit by the vintage Airstream bug and decided that he HAD to have one of his own. He spotted this beauty on Route 66 sitting behind a Kentucky Fried Chicken. It was being used as a storage container. He contacted the owner who said he had lost the title many years ago, they agreed on a price and boom, he was on his way back to Oregon with this Safari in tow. 
Fast forward to 2001, we spotted an ad on this new thing called "the internet." 

"For Sale: 1954 20' Safari
Exterior is in good shape with thirteen panel front end. There are minor dents in the lower front and where the door meets the body. All roof vents are in place and original. Interior is partially gutted. Wardrobe and upper cabinets are in place but kitchen and bathroom were removed. I have most of the wall panels and the original appliances, countertops and sinks. the floorplan was rather rare with twin beds in rear and kitchen and bath in front. I was planning on restoring this old girl but have not had the time or finances. I purchased this trailer in Arizona and towed it to my home in Oregon and it towed like a dream. She needs a good home and a lot of TLC. Asking$X,XXX OBO. I can email pics."

(According to the VIN, it's really a 1956 model)

Now 14 years later, we're trying to get an Oregon title in our name.
1- I stopped by a DMV to ask how I would go about it. I was told to gather all the info about the purchase I could, fill out  a "Certification of Ownership Facts" form, bring it back and they would send it all to Salem. There a committee would look things over and decide if I should get the title. He figured that since it was super old, there wouldn't be a problem. "The older it is, the better!"
2- I gathered everything I had: internet ad, bill of sale, copy of AZ "One Trip Registration" (found inside the trailer), storage receipts, and proof of insurance. I filled out the form and wrote down the story of how I acquired the trailer. 
3- We took it all down to our local DMV and was told something different. After a quick Oregon title search, we were told we would have to contact the Arizona DMV and have THEM to a title search. Then we would need to take THAT title to the Oregon DMV for a title transfer. 
4- I contacted the Arizona DMV and am waiting for a reply.

More details to follow as I get info!

SIDE NOTE: I did a little detective fork on the "One Trip Registration." It's nearly illegible, but I figured out that back in 1999 it was transported from Ganado to Flagstaff. Ganado is an Indian Reservation in the that helps explain all the red powdery dirt I found throughout the trailer. 

And so it begins.

In 2001 Steve and Haley discovered the concept of vintage trailers.
That same year we were lucky enough to buy a 1956 Airstream Safari. 23' of vintage camping awesomeness. BUT it needed a complete restoration. 

Fast forward 13 years and the trailer is not finished yet. There was another trailer they used for a few years (a 13' Aloha...also 1956). And a move necessitated a 7-8 years of storage, but now... March 2014, drastic progress has been made. 

The rotten floor has been completely replaced. Rusted sections of the frame have been repaired and the whole frame has been treat for rust and painted. The running lights have been refurbished or replaced and are working again.

I'll toss a few pictures up here just for fun.